Stay classy, Texas

Spotted in the Jefferson General Store:

Linden and the "decadent port" of Jefferson

Here are two examples of 'historical' small-town Texas as opposed to hick small-town Texas.

The only part of "downtown" Linden worth taking a picture of.  I also don't know why it's called Music City Texas.



Some history of the town.


There are weird things in other parts of Texas, too.

Like this interesting overpass mural in Dallas:

And this crazy bird in some town we stopped in to eat Braum's.  It only walked and kept its mouth open the entire time.


Downtown Bloomburg

This is the view of City Hall from the grocery store across the street.


Queen City Collectibles

Yes, this place is actually in business. 

That Mickey Mouse head is really fucking creepy to drive past.


The largest laundromat in Louisiana

Is in Shreveport across from a Raising Cane's.  And no matter how fanatical Ohioans are about Cane's, it apparently started right down the road in Baton Rouge.


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

...to be chased by bugs.  We tried to take a walk around the "block," but after only a few minutes Elissa was attacked by large flying things, so we headed home.  All of this is within a leisurely 10 minute walk from the house.

The house

A totem pole in a neighbor's yard

The school playground in the distance beyond the field

Hello, cows!